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Inclusion In Quota Jobs

One of its kind center for empowerment of persons with disability by facilitating capacity building, research and development and a supporting environment to make the workplace inclusive for persons with disability to be a productive workforce.

  1. In India, Government and Public Sector Undertakings are required to employ persons with disability (PWD) under the provisions of the PWD Act 1995 (3% of the work force- 1% each for Blindness or low vision, 1% Hearing Impaired & Hard of Hearing & 1% Loco Motor/ Cerebral Palsy).
  2. Further, the number of persons with disability to be employed by the BFSI sector is expected to increase significantly due to the following reasons:

  3. Majority of the persons with disability workforce are not utilized to their full potential due to the following factors:

A pilot was conducted at the Bank over a 3 year period to enable 40 visually impaired and 20 hearing impaired. The impact has been as follows:

Identification of 47 job tasks in mainstream banking thus opening up possibilities for engaging the existing human resource in day to day routine.

Inclusion of the trained employees in the bank and thus creating a revenue impact of Rs.1.68 crore a year which is otherwise lost due to unproductivity of these employees existing on the roles of bank.

Sensitization of the peers at branch level has resulted in better inclusion of each employee and has opened up avenues of healthy competition.

Awareness at senior management level has resulted in better inclusion at all levels including customer thus improving the customer relations.


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