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5 day(s)

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There are many paths you can take to pursue a livelihood. Based on your skills and interests, you can apply to a private company, prepare for a government job, or start your own business. However, to know which path is best suited for you and make the decision, it is important to learn more about yourself.

‘Margdarshi: My Path to Progress’ is an opportunity for you to understand the livelihood realities along with your strengths and aspirations. This knowledge and self-awareness will equip you to be on your path to progress and economic independence.

In this course, you will be able to:

Recognize the realities of different livelihoods for persons with disabilities. Discover different employment opportunities available for persons with disabilities. Identify your interests, abilities, and strengths to take ownership of your path to progress.

  • Introduction
The Livelihood Reality
  • Time to Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn
  • Learning about Livelihoods
  • Livelihood Reality for PwDs
Employment Opportunities for PwDs
  • Journeys of Persons with Disabilities
Role of Strengths and Support System
  • Dinesh’s Story
  • Importance of Self-Advocacy
  • Support System and Assets
Setting SMART Goals
  • Introduction to SMART Goals
  • Nagaraj’s SMART Goals
  • I WILL Calendar
Additional Resources
  • Self-Employment
  • Government Jobs
  • Jobs in the Private Sector
  • Building a Support System
Summary and Reflection
  • Summary and Reflection