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Assess your maturity level

Assess where your team or company is in its journey for hiring and inclusion of persons with disability. To scale and sustain inclusion, look at sustainable practices to maintain focus. Look at hiring and inclusion strategies where different models will help you increase and retain people with disability in your workforce. Policies and procedures at a company level are the critical final step to ensure long term sustenance of your agenda for people with disability.

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    Aspiring Enabler
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    New Enabler
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    Promising Enabler
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    Inspiring Enabler
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Assess your maturity level

Take a test to identify the maturity level for your entire organization, your business unit or team in terms of hiring of persons with disability. This is the first step and will help you formulate the right vision, immediate actions and long term action plans.

Fill the form to assess your maturity level.

Assess your maturity level.

See this brochure which explains the different levels of maturity in hiring people.

Step 1 - Aspiring Enabler

Step 5 - Get started

Get started by using the manual below to determine how you can sustain your disability hiring and inclusion.

CII Manual

Download this manual created by DEOC and CII. Page 40 to 55 discusses setting up disability management program. Some of its excerpts are discussed below.

Best Practices for Hiring and Inclusion of Persons with Disability

See the best practices from different companies

NGO Service Providers List

Find out the different services which you can avail for sustaining inclusion

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