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Hiring Models

Assess where your team or company is in its journey for hiring and inclusion of persons with disability. To scale and sustain inclusion, look at sustainable practices to maintain focus. Look at hiring and inclusion strategies where different models will help you increase and retain people with disability in your workforce. Policies and procedures at a company level are the critical final step to ensure long term sustenance of your agenda for people with disability.

  1. 1
    Train and hire
  2. 2
    Internship Model
  3. 3
    Virtual Job Fair

Step 1 - Train and hire

Many companies have adopted this model for people with physical disability, vision impairment and hearing impairment including Thomson Reuters, UST Global, Mphasis, Deustche Bank and Titan, IBM, Lake Systems, Madura Garments, Accenture and Capgemini.

In this model, companies collaborate with NGO for disability specific training and sometimes with mainstream training company as well for skills development. L&D of the company ensure quality and compliance and company volunteers help in social inclusion. This has resulted in a good pipeline of employable candidates being available with the requisite skills and with good inclusive environment in the company.

Step 2 - Internship Model

In this model the training takes place on the job to ensure that productivity starts from day one. EMC has opened up internship opportunities for people with profound / multiple disabilities.

See this video on EMC's collaborative internship model


Step 3 - Virtual Job Fair

EnAble India conducted India’s first Virtual Job Fair in Oct 2015 exclusively for persons with disability. As with other virtual job fairs (aimed at non-disabled candidates), this is an online platform for recruiters to connect with job seekers with disability. This is a convenient and economic method to conduct the first round of shortlisting. This online method of sourcing helps you to reach a large number of persons with disability. The number of participants for the last job fair was 1384. Your organisation can take part in the next Virtual job fair, or host a virtual job fair to cater to a large requirement in your own organization.

See this pdf which explains more about the virtual job fair

See this pdf which explains more about the virtual job fair

Virtual Job Fair Service Providers

Connect with service provider for virtual job fair

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