1 Million Touch Points, 1 Campaign: Transforming Lives of the Population of Persons with Vision Impairment through digital empowerment solutions.
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A Collective aiming to transform Persons with Vision Impairment into Active Citizens & Nation Builders to grow across the continuum of Digital Literacy to Digital Fluency and to Digital Mastery.

#SeeAMillion’s DNA

Our Core Belief at heart

Galvanizing Persons with Vision Impairment as Active Citizens

A Disruptive idea

aiming for Transformation, by putting empowering technologies in the hands of Persons with Vision Impairment

Systematic Action

Scaling collaborations for mainstreaming digital empowerment for Persons with vision impairment.

Building Ecosystem of Digital Empowerment & scale the impact of services


Hopes & Aspirations for Persons with Vision Impairment through Awareness Campaigns


21st Century Digital Literacy Skills for Persons with Vision Impairment through Ground Breaking Training Methodology


Sector Talents & Institutional Partnerships through Capacity Building

Like Kiran, 85% of our candidates with vision impairment have reported of gaining exposure & access to independent & better quality of life through digital literacy skills.