Company Expectations & Reality Tutorial

Company Expectations & Reality Tutorial

Understanding the company is the first step in getting a job. Do this course to learn more about company behavior towards persons with disability. Very often persons with disability lose their confidence because of company’s lack of response or lack of awareness. Understand the journey of companies in hiring disabled. Understand expectations of companies and gain the awareness which will help you to join a company in the future.

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Do companies really hire persons with disability?

Yes. Companies across sectors and locations have hired persons with disabilities. Watch the following videos to understand experience of different companies.


Watch this video tells the story of EMC, and their internship program for persons with profound and multiple disabilities, and the way this program has helped changed mindsets about diverse hiring within the company. This video will give you tremendous confidence that anything is possible!


Watch this video to see managers from Big Bazaar, Café Coffee Day and Shell talking about their experience of working with Persons with Disabilities.

Why do companies take time to hire person with disability?

Hiring is not about giving offer letter. There is a long process. Company has to go through a journey to hire person with disability. The managers needs to be convinced. The process of inclusion takes time. Learn about why companies take time to hire the disabled. This will help you to put yourself in company’s shoes and will help you stay confident even if you take time to get a job.

Thomson Reuters

Watch this video to understand the journey of Thomson Reuters with regard to hiring persons with disabilities.

Why some companies hire only one type of disability?

Every job requires specific skills and attitude. For some roles, persons with one type of disability may be more suited to do it. Also, there may not be any solutions available to help people the other disabilities to do the same role. Watch the journey of Café Coffee Day to see how they determined that persons with hearing impairment are best suited for the role of brewmaster.

Café Coffee Day

Watch this video to understand the journey of Café Coffee Day with regard to hiring deaf for the role of brewmaster.

What does the company expect from you?

All companies want people who have good skills and attitude – whether they are persons with disability or not. As you get ready to apply for jobs, it is important to understand what the company expects from you with respect to your performance, how flexible you are to learn in your job and how committed you are to the job given to you. Listen to the following audios to understand a little more.

Understanding company expectations performance

In this audio play, you will learn that the company expects you to perform well and not just complete the task given to you.

Understanding company expectations- flexibility

In this audio play, you will learn that flexibility helps you to learn more and improve your performance.

What are you expected to deliver as per your responsibilities

This audio play helps you to understand what the manager expects from you and the importance of asking questions if you have doubts.

Do companies provide career growth to disabled?

Yes. Companies provide career growth to employees with disability who learn continuously and have the right skills and attitude. See examples of persons with disabilities having career growth.

Big Bazaar

Watch this video to learn about work experience of Santosh who has cerebral palsy and Nagaraj who has low vision.


Watch this video to see persons with hearing impairment, intellectual disability, physical disability working in different roles.

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