Get to Know Role Models Tutorial

Get To Know Role Models Tutorial

When you have a goal for yourself, you can work towards it by working hard and learning continuously. One of ways to motivate yourself is by looking up to your role models. Find below videos of persons with disabilities working in different jobs. Their stories will inspire you.

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You can achieve with hard work!

Watch the journey of 5 persons with disability and how they worked to become successful.


Watch Deepa share her journey of struggling to get a job and how hard work helped her to build a career in a big company.


A self-employed T.V. repair shop owner with physical disability shares his experience.


Person with physical disability shares his experience working as a manager to other persons with disabilities.


Person with physical disability shares about his work in a retail chain in the role of a cashier.

Santosh and others in Big Bazaar

Watch video to understand how with hard work, Santosh got promotion in Big Bazaar

Don't give up, you will succeed!

Watch how persons with different disabilities have overcome challenges. Watch videos of 6 role models.


Person with physical disability talks about his journey in getting gainly employed as a graphic designer.


Person with physical disability shares his journey of perseverance to learn skills as a carpenter doing wood carving.


Person with physical disability shares her experience of overcoming health challenges working as a cashier in a food chain.


Person with vision impairment and acid attack survivor shares her journey.


Person with vision impairment sharing his story of accepting a job that was not his dream job to gain work experience.


Person with vision impairment and hard of hearing shares his experience as a quality analyst.

Use solutions for disability!

How to overcome disability? What solutions can be used to work on par with non-disabled?


Person with vision impairment talks about his journey as a store manager.


In this video, you will see the journey of Ghousia, a person with multiple disabilities - along with the solutions she uses at the workplace.

Visually Impaired and Hearing Impaired using solutions

This video shows different examples of solutions used by persons with vision and hearing impairment such as taking notes in braille, scanner, signature guide, etc.

Workplace solutions used by persons with profound disability

This video shows the various technology solutions that are used by persons with multiple and profound disabilities to work efficiently.

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