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There are many persons with vision impairment who have grown in their jobs in the same company where they started. There are others who have worked hard, gained experience and exposure and have grown their careers in different companies. Learn from the experts on how career growth is possible for you.

  1. 1
    Get to know Role Models
  2. 2
    Rate your current performance
  3. 3
    Rate your learning behavior
  4. 4
    Learn to give status to be reliable
  5. 5
    Tips to grow in your career
  6. 6
    Know career options for visually impaired
  7. 7
    Enhance your skills

Step 1 - Get to know Role Models

Get to know few visually impaired who have had growth/change in career.

Read about visually impaired who have worked on moving up in their careers

This video has the journey of Deepa Narasimhan, a person who can move only her fingers has worked hard to build a career


Step 2 - Rate your current performance

Career growth is possible only if you perform well in your current job. Some persons with disability think that persons without disability get automatic career growth but their growth is restricted. Many persons think that they cannot have a career due to the lack of support from their team or manager. The truth is companies are always looking to develop reliable employees and employees who are enthusiastic about learning and who love their job.

Watch this one minute video to understand what made Cafe Coffee Day to promote a hearing impaired as a manager


Reflect on this video and write down your improvement areas if any

Step 3 - Rate your learning behavior

Employees who learn constantly and apply their learnings make fewer mistakes and hence have consistently better performance. Employees who learn about their process, their team's process and understand the various departments and company domain do better than others. Such employees look to change vertical growth alone

Watch this short video to understand how building your learning bank helps you grow in your job.


Reflect on this video and start maintaining your learning bank

Step 4 - Learn to give status to be reliable

You will be surprised to know that there are some employees who have great performance, good learning behavior and still do not have career growth. Very often, there is a good reason for this. Giving regular updates to your team and your team lead and manager is very critical for the smooth functioning of the team. Employees who understand the importance of statusing regularly are better team players because they understand the needs of the team. Some employees write status reports which helps them track their own performance

Watch this video and learn the right way to status about your work


Reflect whether you can status better and start practicing better statusing

Step 5 - Tips to grow in your career

You can grow in your job in the same company as well as in a different company. It all depends on how you do your current job and attitude you are having at work place. Working hard and learning every day is key to grow in your job. To learn more about career progression read further.

Listen to Audio where Ms. Shanti Raghavan talks about steps to progress in career


Step 6 - Know career options for visually impaired

Career growth/change is possible for visually impaired. What is the career you are interested in? Find out what career options are available in your company. Career option has to be your choice not based on what your friend is doing.

Use the below resource link to see jobs done by persons with disabilities. You can filter by disability, education and sectors.

Step 7 - Enhance your skills

Get set to march ahead! Order this publication to improve your skills set.

Learn computers on your own Win 7

Learn computers on your own Win 7

Order this publication to learn computer basics, and MS Office with screen reader NVDA

Feb 2016


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